How to pay medical bills you can't afford?

Some of us have financial problems, and we can’t get rid of the debts. Our medical debts grow, and we don’t know what to do. We can’t think rationally and find solutions. There are many ways to pay medical bills.

Guide to medical debts

  • Pay attention to your medical bills – if you don’t pay them, they will be sent to collection agencies.
  • Review your bills. The system can make mistakes, and you can be charged for bills you didn’t take. Check explanation of benefits. You might find duplicate items or unknown services on your bills. If you are not sure how to check for mistakes, contact your healthcare provider and insurance company.
  • Don’t pay medical bills with your credit card. These bad debts are difficult to pay off. They can also damage your credit score.
  • You don’t need to pay debts all at once. Pay off your bills using an interest-free payment plan. You can pay a certain amount of money each month. This amount can be higher than you expect. Try to negotiate.
  • Some hospitals will give you a no-interest loan.
  • Go to the hospital and ask the doctor to give you prompt pay discount.
  • Try to reduce your bills. Talk with your medical provider as soon as possible.
  • Ask medical billing advocates for help. They can find errors on medical bills or reduce the debt.
  • Visit Retail Clinics or Urgent Care Centers. They are cheaper than standard hospitals. You can also go to free clinics.
  • Learn how to deal with collectors if you don’t pay your bills. Ask them to pay only a part of the debt. They might forgive you the rest. Make a plan of repaying the debt, and offer it to the collector.
  • If you have low income, consider emergency financial assistance. Search for organizations and government programs that can help you with medical bills.

Guide to medical debts

Government programs to help pay medical bills

Your health should be your priority because, without your health, you have nothing. Don’t ignore your medical bills, and try to pay off them on time. If you can’t afford medical bills, don’t be ashamed to apply for government or charity programs.

Emergency financial assistance is available for patients who don’t have an emergency fund to pay medical bills. Government programs that can help you with medical bills are:

  • State Medicaid offices – Medicaid is a health insurance program for both children and adults. It helps patients with low-income
  • State human service agencies – offers its help to other organizations
  • Local Department of Veterans Affairs – helps veterans
  • Find local help, visit this site
  • website connects you to many governments programs
  • Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program and Local health centers.

If you are not qualified for government programs, you can choose charity care programs.

Organizations that help pay medical bills

Here are organizations and charities that can help you with medical bills until you recover from financial problems:

It is hard to handle financial crisis. Be careful, and don’t make bad decisions. Avoid paying medical bills with credit cards. Consider other available options to get rid of debts. Don’t hesitate to ask an expert for help to pay medical bills.

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