Every year we lay aside some of our income to travel to destinations we really wished to see. We spend lots of money every year just getting from place to place, however you can lower your expenses by selecting a good travel card. You can save a lot of bucks while shopping and spending for your needs. Some of these cards include extremely interesting sign-up bonus offers, and others feature cost savings on currency conversion. I discovered a couple of incredible travel credit cards with great benefits that I am going to go over in this post.

TransferWise prepaid card

Certainly amongst one of the very best travel cards is a TransferWise debit card. You can get the debit card free of charge after signing up for a TransferWise account. With a TransferWise membership, you can hold any currency and use it in any place utilizing this card without paying any currency exchange charges. Then again what if you need to convert currency? TransferWise will provide you mid-market currency exchange rate and conversion fees as low as 0.35%, so you do not have to worry about it. Money withdrawal of up to GBP 200 monthly from any ATM is absolutely free.

Benefits of Revolut travel debit card

The other alternative is Revolut debit card. Revolut is an online banking company and supports digital money transactions around the globe. They offer you a prepaid prepaid card with an account. You can spend your funds in more than 130 nations using this card without paying any transaction fees. You may also perform free international fund transfers with these cards. This account offers you the flexibility to hold up to 25 distinct currencies in your Revolut account. Using only this card, you can holiday around the globe with ease.

Benefits of Revolut travel debit card

To Sum It Up

Choosing a travel card specially for overseas travel will help save you some costs. We plan in advance and keep aside money for travel however wind up paying a big amount of it on currency exchange and cards transaction charges. These travel cards will allow you avoid those additional charges so you can spend your money on enjoying your vacation. They have their branches all across the globe and are really customer friendly. You can even track and handle your expenditures on these cards with their mobile apps. In my research, I discovered that TransferWise offers better currency exchange rate and lower fees than Revolut. However both of these cards are trusted by a lot of consumers worldwide. After discovering this, I’m sure you will never leave your home without a travel card in your wallet again!

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