TransferGo is a service provider that can be used to send out money internationally. Offering cost effective choices has constantly been the driving force behind this company, especially when it came to people working outside of their home countries. Budget friendly, versatile choices were needed, and this dynamic organization addressed the call.

To get the information of any possible transaction, customers can visit the TransferGo homepage where each item is noted consisting of mark up portions. These transaction breakdowns consist of rates and fees which give the wonderful prospect of having all the information before finalizing the transaction. Our in depth analysis of TransferGo will expose the answer.


TransferGo has affordable choices. When processing foreign exchange arrangements, TransferGo uniformly uses the mid-market rate. Your payments always arrive at its destination when you utilize TransferGo; read on to discover out why this company is so safe.

Is TransferGo Safe?

The license has been protected in all the countries serviced by this online company. Another financial body that takes part in regulating TransferGo dealings is Her Majesty’s Earnings and Customs Department (HMRC). Consumers can expect the same basic choices when it comes to their transaction resolution.

Is TransferGo fast?

TrasferGo has a vast array of delivery choices offered to consumers. Cheap and quick deliveries are all readily available to TransferGo consumers:

  • It takes 24 hours for transactions using the basic delivery option to resolve.
  • If a customer would like to have a transaction settled using the quick delivery option, this can be completed within 30 minutes, however, a cheap transfer can take up to 3 days.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Romania all have restricted payment options offered in their country. The overall quantity allowed in a single payment in addition to the type of payments accepted are 2 elements consisted of in the limit constraints. Countries with restricted service may take an additional 24 hr for transaction resolution. These countries are the U.S.A., Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, and Africa. As a leading online company, companies such as TransferGo have a long list of serviceable countries and TransferGo is right up there with them servicing over 30 countries globally. To get a better view of this business’s basic performance, let’s compare them with another leading brand known for their economical rates and flexibility.

Is TransferGo fast?

TransferWise vs TransferGo

Are there any competitors when it comes to TransferGo vs the popular TransferWise? Foreign exchange deals with TransferWise are resolved within 24 hr and that is apart from their instantaneous payment alternative which brings no extra fees. TransferGo likewise uses consumers 24 hr processing, however, quicker payments carry an added charge. TransferWise keeps their standing when it happens the most flexible choice, specifically when it concerns large payments. TransferGo, nevertheless, is less expensive when sending little payment quantities. Both business service on average the exact same amount of nations nevertheless TransferGo has restricted service and or alternatives in selected areas. They also do not have the very same volume of currency conversions as TransferWise.

Let’s compare bank transfers from the UK to Europe with focus on the most affordable choice:

Provider Sent (Pounds) Rates Bank Received (Euros) Time
TransferGO 1,000.00 1.11188 ——— 1111.88 72 hours
TransferWise 1,000.00 1.11230 4.29 1107.53 24 hours

Provider Send (Pounds) Rates Bank Receive (Euros) Time
TransferGO 10,000.00 1.10677 ——– 11067.70 72 hours
TransferWise 10,000.00 1.11230 35.68 11083.31 24 hours

TransferGo rates might be partially lower when compared to TransferWise. Nevertheless, both service providers provide cost effective rates. On the other hand, they offer a very economic free transfer option that makes relatively little transfers even cheaper than TransferWise. When it concerns bigger quantities, both suppliers will provide you with really similar figures. If you need to send out money quickly then it’s less expensive to do it with TransferWise.


TransferGO is a safe and budget friendly payment transfer alternative for small amounts of money. Users funds are always safe with this provider as they certified and controlled by the FCA and HMRC. They receive regularly favourable reviews from clients and critics as an excellent alternative to send out cash internationally. In general, I believe that TransferGo is a fantastic service that can help lots of people who want to send little amounts overseas to their households. Offer TransferGo a try if this sounds like you!

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